PAC-LAN Location Based Game Project


paclan photo

Pac-Lan is a Mobile Radicals project which utilises RFID technology to create a mixed reality mobile phone game.

For more information about the project please visit the About section.


15th February 2006

A 3rd trial of Pac-Lan took place on the 10th of February (we actually had some sunshine this time!). Photos and a video of this trial are now available.

2nd February 2006

Conducted another full-scale trial of Pac-Lan today. Take a look in the Media section for videos and photos.

29th January 2006

Yesterday (28/01/06), the Mobile Radicals team, conducted the first full-scale trial of Pac-Lan. Everything went well, although we were all surprised how tiring the game turned out to be (our game area was 300 metres square).

Check out the Media section for a video of the trials as well as video explaning certain aspects of the game's operation. A High Score page has been added to the site so that the Pac-Lan champions can get the recognition they deserve!

23rd November 2005

A few minor changes have been made to the Pac-Lan web site. The Contact section of the site is now up and running. Also, a few pictures have been added to the Media section of the site. We should be running trials of the game soon, so keep checking back for some interesting videos and images!

27th October 2005

This is the first update of the site. As soon as trials of Pac-Lan have been conducted, videos and images will be available in the Media section of the web site.