PAC-LAN Location Based Game Project


What is RFID?

RFID stands for Radio Frequency IDentification. In PAC-LAN each player has a Nokia 5140 mobile phone equipped with the RFID Xpress-on shell. When the player's shell (sensor) comes within close proximity to a passive RFID tag, a small current is induced in the tag which provides enough power for the tag to transmit a small amount of data (its unique ID) back to the handset.

Can I participate?

The project is currently being tested around Lancaster University University campus but we would be happy to hear from any groups or organisations interested in testing the technology on a larger scale.

What else could RFID be used for?

The integration of RFID and mobile phones is likely to grow with current predictions estimating that over 50% of all phones sold will have this technology by 2009. The technology itself could be used for a games, advertisements, micro-payments, location based services etc.